Gents Hostel
Viswajyothi  provides excellent hostel facilities for students. Gent's hostel is located in the campus itself so it makes easy access between college  and students. The hostels and hostel facilities are of high quality and well equipped. The boys hostel can accommodate 250 bo...
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 Warden  Fr. Thomas Kottaram
 Asst. Warden  Fr. Bestin Njaloor

Computing Facility .We have computing facility in both Gents and Ladies Hostels. Gents hostel and Ladies hostel is Wi-Fi areas which is also controlled by the server room in the campus. In addition to Wi-Fi in both Gent...
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Mess Facility
Mess Facility Gents Hostel of Viswajyothi is providing Mess Facility. Mess serves Non-Veg and Veg food. This food court follows a buffet system. Viswajyothi is providing and maintaining exceedingly hygienic and...
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