The Center for Emerging Paradigm in Education VJCET was established to impart quality training programs to the teaching fraternity to help them keep up with the latest developments in technology, teaching and research.V-CEPE organises various short term training programs for faculty in engineering institutions, conduct curriculum development workshops, develop WEB based course materials and courses on topics of interest to the industry and research for faculty and students.
Spoken Tutorial [ Resource Centre ]

The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the 'Talk to the Teacher' activity of the NMEICT ,launched bythe MHRD,Government of India.VJCET is a Resource Centre for Spoken Tutorial Project

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quote Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance quote

Mr. Jacob Mathai
Spoken Tutorial Resource Center
Viswajyothi  College of Engineering and Technology
Vazhakulam, Kerala 686670
Telephone: + 91 9847972818
E-Mail ID:

[ Remote Centre ]

VJCET (Remote Centre Id: 1179) is one of the approved Remote Center (RC) of IITB in the project ekalavya.This initiative is a part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supported by MHRD. Lectures are delivered by faculty from IIT Bombay, while tutorials and lab sessions are conducted in the same RC.For more details on the Ekalavya Project visit:Ekalavya - IITB

Remote Centre Co-ordinator
RC ID: 1179
Viswajyothi  College of Engineering and Technology
Vazhakulam, Kerala 686670
PH : 9961188229

V-CEPE team has started the AAKASH R&D works with the coordination of IIT Bombay and AAKASH Labs .Students those who would like to participate in aakash project please register their names with the AAKASH Coordinator
For online support from aakash team of IIT Bombay please follow the below link!forum/aakashlabs.


YOUTUBE Videos   
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                   Topics Covered 

JAVA Basics (spoken-tutorial )
                          Refer the below link and download , then extract it and read the instruction sheet , then open the index file inside the extracted java file using updated mozila firefox or google chrome
                    If the audio or video is breaking please update your browser (Mozila firefox )
                 Downloading Installation of Java
     Go through the site given below and download java


      Go throgh the tutorial given below


                         Advanced JAVA
               Installation & Basics of Android



Mr. Jacob Mathai 
Co-ordinator Aakash Project
Asst.Prof ITD
Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology
Vazhakulam, Kerala 686670
Telephone: + 91 9847972818
E-Mail ID: